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Bassam Barakat

At the heart of our esteemed establishment is Bassam Barakat, the proud owner and a fourth-generation custodian of this legacy. With a wealth of experience and an unparalleled understanding of ancient artifacts, Bassam has dedicated his life to preserving and sharing the beauty of antiquity.

Bassam’s many years of experience have honed his skill in understanding and anticipating customer needs. He takes great pride in providing personalized service, ensuring that each visitor finds something that resonates with their individual taste and interest. Whether it’s a rare artifact or a unique piece of jewelry, Bassam’s keen eye and attentive approach make every customer’s experience exceptional.


Bassam Barakat represents the fifth generation of a family deeply rooted in the world of antiquities. This legacy of excellence and dedication to the preservation of history has been passed down through generations, culminating in Bassam’s vast knowledge and expertise. His commitment to upholding the family tradition ensures that every item in our shop is a testament to quality and authenticity.

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